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Beginner Skates

If you are looking for your first pair of skates, we strongly encourage you to have your skates professionally fitted in person at a skate shop rather than purchasing them online or in a general sports store.

Benefits of buying your skates in a skate shop include:

  • Find the best brand/model for your foot shape and skating level
  • Try on a variety of models for the proper fit and support
  • Find the proper skate size (skate sizes are rarely the same as shoe or rental skate sizes)
  • Get your first skate sharpening for free (new skates do NOT come sharpened)
  • Most of our beginner skates are real leather (not synthetic) so they can be stretched when your skater outgrows them
  • Some skate models can be heat molded to your feet to minimize break-in time

Walk-ins are welcome for skate fittings, but please allow up to an hour for fitting and sharpening.

If you are enrolled in group classes at Highland, check out our Class Combo Packages for discounts on figure skates.

If you have foot issues/injuries to address, or you are interested in custom Superfeetâ„¢ insoles or other specialty services, you will want to schedule a fitting appointment with Rick Stephens. To schedule an appointment with Rick, please call (206) 546-2431 and ask for his email address.

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