Western Washington Female Hockey Association

Western Washington Female Hockey Association (WWFHA) was established in 2002 when previous all-girl teams in the youth/boys’ ice hockey associations ended. A group of dedicated parents desiring a place for their daughters to play ice hockey started WWFHA with three teams – 12U, 14U and 19U.


As the association has grown, several distinct teams have been created to support the age and ability levels:

  • 8U Team
  • 10U Team
  • 12U/14U House Team
  • 12U Rep Tier 2/AA Team
  • 14U Rep Tier 2/AA Team - Nationally bound
  • 19U Rep Tier 3/A Team
  • 19U Rep Tier 2/AA Team - Nationally bound
  • In the last fourteen years, WWFHA has transitioned from a recreational club providing girls an opportunity to play ice hockey to an association aiming to meet the competitive and recreational goals of each and every female hockey player.

    WWFHA is a member of USA Hockey, Pacific Northwest Amateur Hockey Association (PNAHA), and the prestigious Canadian Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association (PCAHA) female division.

    The Washington Wild have 8 PCAHA Championship titles and many tournament championship honors; the 19U Tier 2/AA team has competed at USA Hockey Nationals and Districts for years, and the 14U Tier 2/AA recently joined them.

    WWFHA restructured to provide a well-rounded offering to its members, both recreationally and competitively, by providing an avenue for growth and development tailored specifically for girls and the female game. With on-ice skills and systems as the priorities, WWFHA also now offers additional services in conditioning, training, nutrition, balanced well-being and the collegiate process.

    Today, WWFHA is the only girls' hockey association in the Pacific Northwest, and we give girls the opportunity to play on all-girl teams, regardless of ability or experience.

    More information about WWFHA, its mission, goals and opportunities, please visit

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