Figure Skating at Highland

NEW — All students must be members of Learn to Skate USA prior to enrolling in classes. Please visit and click ”Sign up” to become a member. Cost is $17.25 annually, valid from July 1 to June 30.

Please have your current Learn to Skate USA membership number when you are enrolling for classes.

Production Class

Production Classes offer skaters an opportunity to learn a group skating number and perform in an ice show or competition at Highland.

We offer three class series per year:

  • September-December, Highland Holiday Show
  • March-June, Highland Spring Show
  • July-September, Blades on Ice competition at Highland

Production Classes for shows are open to skaters Snowplow Sam 3+, Basic 1+

Production Classes for competition are open to skaters Basic 3 or higher (minimum of 5 skaters per class)

Click here for more information about the Holiday 2018 show. (updated Aug 18, 2018).

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